Monday, February 14, 2011

January and February 2011 Update

So I have a lot of pictures that I wanted to post so I am just going to do a big "update" of the last month and a half and then hopefully be better about consistently posting now that I have my camera/memory card issue figured out! :)

Can I first say that I am sitting here (in the middle of February) in shorts and a tank top!! I am so excited!! It is supposed to be 71 degrees today here in Fairfax, VA. I don't think this nice weather will last long but I am NOT complaining!! It is so nice to feel like Spring is here and I just can't wait for the days to pass until we have nice warm weather every day. Last night I got Lincoln into the jogging stroller around 6pm and we went for a nice 40 minute run while the sun was setting. I absolutely cannot wait for nice weather!!!

Here is a cute photo I snapped of Lincoln while we were grocery shopping. My little baby is getting so big! He was 15 months in this picture. It is really cute, he is starting to "figure things out". Last night I was grilling chicken for dinner and I accidentally left the front door open. One of Lincoln's favorite things to do is run outside (usually because we chase him to get back inside and Lincoln LOVES to get chased) and try to climb up the steps outside our front door that lead to the road. So, he ran outside when I left the door open, but I was rinsing off a plate so I didn't run out immediately to grab him. Disappointed that he wasn't being chased he came back inside and shut the door behind him! It was so cute and I was so proud of him! Lincoln is really starting to pick up on little things like that (shutting the door) and it just makes me realize how quickly their brains are developing at this age and how impressionable they are.

The other day I came home from working out and Lincoln was home with Sheridan running around the house with his pants on his head! It was pretty funny so we snapped a few pictures.

We had a HUGE snow storm in January! They closed school for three days! The snow came down really fast and really hard. There were some people who were stuck in traffic for 6-8 hours for their regular 30 minute commute home!!!! Here are a few pictures of the storm while the snow was falling.
The little courtyard in front of our house.

As the snow started to get really heavy, all of the sudden all of our power went out! It was already dark outside, so it was PITCH black in our house. We suddenly realized that we don't have any flashlights in our house! The only thing we did have was a head lamp that we use when fishing. Sheridan was using that and then decided it would be funny to put it on Lincoln's head. It was hilarious!! Lincoln went crazy!! He was running through the halls yelling and screaming with excitement. He would crawl on his hands and knees and try to "catch" the light. He was so cute! My camera was able to capture some of it, although it literally was pitch black in our house except for this headlamp, so some of the pictures are blurry from the flash on the camera working hard.
He was running around and having so much fun! I love his chubby little legs!

Lincoln was egging him on and running with him :)

Sheridan didn't want to sit inside a dark house all evening so he decided we would go for a walk. I wasn't too keen on the idea because 1) it was really cold outside and 2) I hate getting wet. Buuuttt.....he talked me into it :) We bundled up and decided to walk down the street to 7-11. I love love love this photo of Lincoln here!! He looks sooooo chubby and just so cute!!! And, of course, he didn't want us to take off the head lamp :)
Trying to figure out what all this white stuff was....

It was pretty hard to push the stroller during the storm! There were no "grooves" in the snow yet, so we had to make our own tracks.
I was so cold!! I really hate being cold so I pulled my scarf up over my face so just my eyes were showing. Sheridan for some reason thought it was funny to call me the "White Russian" while I was pushing Lincoln. We like to play poker and he thinks I should try to give myself the nickname the White Russian while I play poker. Who knows where this came from.....I'm not even Russian!

I debated whether or not I should post these photos but they are so cute I finally decided to do it. I know I love the photos I have of myself at this age doing the same thing. Lincoln has turned into a HUGE climber and climbs on EVERYTHING! But, he also enjoys climbing out of the tub while taking baths. That is what happened in these photos. So, I was able to get his towel on his head before he kept running through the halls. He thinks it is so funny to get chased and he is FAST too!

I was doing some cleaning/organizing the other day and was making piles of clothes that I was going the throw away and/or donate. Well, Lincoln got into the pile of clothes and grabbed this old bra of mine, threw it over his shoulder and was running around the house like a mad man!

Lincoln LOVES wearing sun glasses and Lincoln put these sunglasses on him that we found while we were cleaning/organizing things. What a punk!

December 2010 Update

Here are some photos from December (minus the ones from Christmas which I will do a separate post for). Lincoln is 14 months in these photos.

One of Lincoln's new favorite foods this month was black beans!! I swear he would eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The only problem is that every time he would eat them he would make a huge mess! Here is what his face would look like afterwards...

Lincoln and Dad just chillin' out together on a Sunday morning.

The zoo here in DC is part of the free Smithsonian museums so we decided to head down for zoo lights. It was kind of chilly but we had a fun night together as a family. The only downside was when we got lost....I offered to look up the address before we left but Sheridan said not to do it that he knew how to get there. So, of course, we made a wrong turn and got lost. Sheridan drove around for 30 minutes and wouldn't ask for directions. Finally I just called my brother Rich, he googled the address for us, I put it in the gps, and in a few minutes we were there :)
I was teasing Sheridan that he needed to learn his etiquette from the apes.... ;)

Sheridan doesn't like PDA, so it is a rare occasion that I get a kiss in public. We were taking this photo and I sneaked a kiss in there real quick!For New Years Eve we went to our friends' house, Josh and Elizabeth. They are two of our closest friends here in Virginia - Lincoln calls them Uncle Josh and Aunt Elizabeth (well, okayyyy, he can't really say it yet, but we tell Lincoln to give uncle josh a hug, give aunt elizabeth a kiss, etc). They are great hosts and we always have such a great time when we go to their house. Josh had just gotten the Kinect for his Xbox 360 and so we were playing it all night. It is SO much fun!!! Basically you just do the same dance movements as the people on the screen, and the game uses sensors to recognize your movements. You get points for how close you get to the people on the screen. I am so amazed at the technology that is coming out now!

November 2010 Update

Ok, Ok so I know I said that I was going to be better about updating my blog now that I got a new camera....but for some reason I was having problems getting my photos to transfer from my camera onto my computer! It was the strangest thing....a few different people looked at it and we couldn't figure it out. Anyways....we bought a memory card reader this weekend from Walmart for $8 and it fixed the problem. So I really should be better this time about keeping my blog updated. In the meantime, here are some pictures to summarize what we have been up to the last few months.

See the pictures below.....Lincoln gave Dad a nice little surprise before he got into the tub! :) This is Lincoln at 13 months.

Sheridan came home from work for lunch one day. I was getting Lincoln ready to go into the bath, so he was butt naked. I warned Sheridan not to pick Lincoln up, but he is a sucker for Lincoln's puppy dog eyes whenever he wants something :) Sheridan picked him up and was holding him and all of the sudden I heard Sheridan yell, "Ew gross Lincoln!!" and then very soon after, "Natalie, Natalie, come help please, please, please, please!" I was laughing so hard.
Lincoln's favorite thing is to go down the slide at the park! I was so proud of him in November because he learned how to climb all the way up the jungle gym all by himself to the very top of the slide. I would wait at the bottom of the slide and he would just dive headfirst down the slide! He was so cute, he would start laughing, jump off, and run right back over to the bottom of the jungle gym and climb right back up. We can't wait for the weather to be a little warmer and drier so we can start going back to the park. Oh and don't mind his mis-matching was what we could find as we were heading out the door! :)

Here he is at the top of the slide trying to figure it out...."should I just go head first or try to scoot down?"
"Ok! Here I go!"
"Hmmmm.....should I do it??"
Here is one of him climbing up the steps to the slide.

This was a fun Capitols hockey game that we went to (thank you ExxonMobil!). Sheridan was able to get us tickets in the ExxonMobil suite and we had a lot of fun. It is so nice to be able to take Lincoln to these events. Because we have the extra room in the suite he can run his energy off while we still watch the game.

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