Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Turkey Day!

Today was so much fun, even though the timing didn't quite go as planned. We had Eli and Katie over for Thanksgiving dinner. The plan was to put the turkey in the oven around 11 and eat around 3. Welllll....I had been defrosting my turkey in the fridge for two days so I figured it would be ready. Unfortunately, I woke up this morning and the turkey was still VERY frozen. So, I filled the sink with cold water and put the turkey in it. That really didn't help much though, so I ended up taking the wrapping off the turkey and just running lukewarm water over/through it. It was still a little frozen in the center, but finally at 1:00 I had to make an executive decision. Either make everyone wait even longer to eat, or just stick the turkey in the oven. So, I ended up cooking it a little frozen still. Finally when we did take the turkey out (around 5:30) the meat was at the proper temperature, but the part that had been frozen wasn't quite cooked to where it should have been. So, we cut off the good meat and then stuck the turkey back in the oven. Not the most conventional way to cook a turkey, but it worked! dad and Teresa had sent us the CUTEST hat and bib for Lincoln to wear today. Oh my gosh, he looked so stinking cute. He has such a chubby neck that the bib didn't stay on very well, but we sure did get some cute pictures.

Here is the first one. He was kind of grumpy this morning so we couldn't get him to smile, but look how cute he is! Something else funny happened this morning. I was getting the house cleaned up and asked Sheridan if he could get Lincoln dressed for me. He brought the baby out in his cute little outfit with the hat and bib on. It wasn't until later when I took the bib off Lincoln that I realized Sheridan had put his shirt and his jumper on backwards! When I asked him about it he said he thought that the buttons (snaps) were supposed to be in the front, "the buttons always are in the front on my shirts". lol. Oh well, he gets an A+ for trying. :)

Cute picture of our little family
Oh my goodness, my son has the cutest double chin!
What a chubby little turkey!!

Yum!! We had such a good meal! Potatoes, rolls, stuffing, sweet potatoes, turkey, gravy, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie and homemade whipped cream. Can't beat that! I think we all gained about five pounds. :)

We had the table all set and ready...

It was so nice to have Eli and Katie over (Sheridan's brother and his girlfriend)!

Lincoln's first Thanksgiving! Yum....

"Mom, that Turkey doesn't look very good to me" :)

Ditched the was making him fussy for some reason

My cute little turkey!!
This picture was taken yesterday, but he is so cute I thought I would post it. Lincoln was eight weeks old yesterday...he looks so grown up here!! I just absolutely love his chubby little smile.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Visiting Friends

Yesterday Sheridan and I went to downtown DC to meet up with one of Sheridan's good friends from junior high and high school who was visiting the area. They were only here for a short period of time, so we actually met with them at the Union Station. Aunt Naoma and Susan sent us two of the cutest outfits and it was cold outside so we dressed him up in this adorable outfit.

He looks so cute! The cuffs on the pants and jacket match the shirt.

Uh oh! He was mad I was taking pictures and not holding him :)

He looked so cute here! Sheridan dropped us off at the station while he went to find a parking spot. While we were waiting for him I started taking some pictures of the baby. He LOVES watching people when we are in busy areas. He was just chilling in the moby wrap turning his head from side to side trying to take everything in.

Here we were with Amy and her boyfriend who were visiting in the area. Amy's brother lives in the area and just had a baby, so they came to see their new little nephew! I wasn't holding Lincoln very well, so he looks all bunched up in his little outfit. Oops!

We were walking back to the car (in the rain) and got a quick picture of Lincoln. He is so content when he is wrapped up and looked so cute!

Ok, I think I used the word cute way too many times in this post. Oh well. Enjoy!

My Little Prisoner Baby

Yesterday I got a knock on the door and when I opened it there was a HUGE box on my doorstep! It was addressed to Lincoln Hodson (he gets more packages than we do these days!) I opened it up and it was the most adorable plush cow chair I have ever seen!! My Aunt Allison sent it to us, and we love it so much. It is great now, because Lincoln can rest his head on the arms, and it will be even better when he gets a little more had control and can sit up.

Also, we have this cute outfit that we got from my friend Cori that I put Lincoln in. I call him my little prisoner baby when he is wearing it! He wasn't in a great mood when I was taking these pictures, but oh well. :)

You can't tell from the pictures, but this is the most comfortable little chair ever!! Sooo soft.

haha, Lincoln HATES it when his hats cover up his eyes, and that is what he was fussy about here.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Downtown DC

We decided to head to some of the monuments in DC while the weather is still nice. Eli and Katie (Sheridan's brother and his girlfriend) met us downtown so that we could all get some pictures while there were still some leaves on the trees. It was pretty nice, but got quite windy towards the end and was coooold! We received this adorable outfit from my Aunt Naoma and Aunt Susan a few weeks back, so we decided to get Lincoln dressed up for the pictures. As usual, there were a lot of people at the monuments. However, this time we got so much attention because we had Lincoln with us! Everyone wanted to touch and look at the baby (I probably got about 30 "chubby cheeks" comments!). It is so fun that people think Lincoln is so cute, but at the same time, I don't like it when strangers try to touch him. Especially with the flu going around right now, it makes me so paranoid. So, I felt like I was being so rude, but a few times I had to ask people not to touch him.

We forgot to bring a hat for Lincoln that matched his cute little outfit! I had this one in the backseat of my car, so we stuck it on him...a little small but it worked. He was sleeping while we walked from our car to the Lincoln Memorial.

Here is Sheridan getting the jogging stroller all ready for us.

This picture really doesn't do justice, but the trees in the background were so colorful and pretty!

We took a bunch of pictures with Lincoln in front of the Lincoln Memorial. These will make for fun memories in the future! I am not going to post the good ones though, because they may end up on our Christmas cards this year, and I don't want to send out cards with pictures everyone has already seen. :)

We kept taking pictures....walking away....looking at them and not liking them....then waiting a while for the area to clear of people so we could take another one. We also took a bunch of Katie and Eli as well. I snapped a shot of Sheridan and Lincoln while we were waiting to get a photo in front of the statue. Aren't they both so cute?? :)

We were standing around and Lincoln was getting cooooold. I think his expression in this picture is so funny!

He wouldn't let us put him in the stroller--he kept getting fussy. So, I held him most of the time we were there. He loved watching all the people!

We asked someone to take a photo of the five of us. Turned out really good! Eli was joking that this Sheridan was his "little brother" here ;)

As Sheridan and I were walking back to our car, he took a picture of Lincoln and me with the Jefferson Memorial in the background. The setting looked so nice!

So that was our weekend! It was busier than most of our weekends lately, but I am so glad we were able to take advantage of this nice weather!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hiking Trip

The weather has been so beautiful lately, but we knew this was probably going to be our last weekend with nice weather. Today was about 60 degrees and cloudy, so we decided to take advantage of it and go for a hike! We found this really cool state park that was only about 20 minutes from our house. I bundled Lincoln up in my moby wrap and then zipped both of us up in my fleece jacket.

Here we tried taking a picture of the three of us.

Lincoln peeking his head out. I LOVE this picture!

One of the many small bridges on the trail. Really fun trail to walk on!

Lincoln kept sticking his head out trying to figure out what was going on...he is so squirmy these days! :)
Sheridan at the start of the trail.

We thought this sign was pretty funny. Disappointing though, because we were already thinking about how fun it would be to camp and fish here this summer. Guess we can still do it, just won't be eating the fish.

The river about 1 mile down the trail.

Hopefully Lincoln will love to fish as much as we do!

Some of the animal tracks we found.

Sheridan scoping out some future fishing holes....

This was neat...on our drive out we realized they were having a huge Christmas light show!! We didn't stay for the lights, but you can see how intricate they get.

I thought this was just too funny. When we got home Sheridan started BBQ'ing pork chops. He has recently started wearing this head lamp when he grills - he said it helps him cook the meat! :) Too cute. Ok I am typing all this one-handed while the baby is sleeping in the other so I am going to finish and post this :)
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