Friday, June 17, 2011

First Day at the Pool!

We have a pool at our complex and it opened up for the first time on Memorial Day weekend! Sheridan was really excited to get Lincoln in the pool!

There are a lot of pictures here, and I am a little short on time, so sorry for the limited commentary.

Here Lincoln is checking it out, "Dad what is that big thing filled with water?"

This expression is priceless!! Lincoln was so happy when he realized that he could SWIM in the pool! :)
It was a little cold at first....
But once mom and dad got in Lincoln loved it!
Look at that face!!!

Our neighbor showed up with some little balls that Lincoln loved playing with - note to mom and dad to pick up some balls for Lincoln

He loved playing catch with Dad!

"Moooooommmm!! Stop taking pictures and come play with me!"

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  1. Sheridan i google your name and i see i am proud you were my childhood best friend i remeber us hating each other in kindergarden then miss swanson teaming us up you could read good and you made a game to read i still remeber it to this day you teaching teddy teddy bear i dont remeber the whole thing but then you tought me checkers and then chinese ones. Then we became the school yard dogs of football all you had to do was give me the special wave and i was gone how many touchdowns did we get i know we always won. You are my best friend and i hope you read this cause i miss you are 15 days younger then me wich means we both just turned 29 get ahold of me 12067071342 love ya always bro A.J.


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