Friday, June 17, 2011

Lincoln and the Dog

Our friend Megan Winward just got a puppy! She brought him over the other day to let the boys play with him. Let's just say that Lincoln had a "mixed" reaction....let the pictures do the talking.... (okay, okay, the pictures are really over a course of two days, but we can pretend it is one sequence)

So excited to see a DOG!!!

"mom.....he is licking me!"
"Oh no!!! Mom he is bigger than me!! Mom I don't want him to kiss me!"
"Mom that dog tried to LICK me!!!"
"I don't want doggy kisses mom!!"
"Keep him an arms length away, thank you very much"
"I think I will give kisses to the baby instead - he won't attack me back"
"I like giving kisses to pretty girls!"

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