Friday, June 17, 2011

Misc. May Happenings

Here are just a few random photos/videos that we have taken in May (Lincoln at 20 months).

I was doing a Scentsy event on Memorial Day weekend (ViVa Vienna!). Sheridan brought Lincoln down to hang out and he loved just "chillin" in the stroller. I love when he puts his hands behind his head like this! So cute!

You HAVE to watch this video!! It will definitely put a smile on your face!! I love Lincoln's little laugh here.

Our friends, Dan and Candy Stone, had Lincoln and me over for dinner the other night. Our friends Josh and Elizabeth Jones were there and Elizabeth is pregnant! It was so fun to catch up on everyone and hear how our busy schedules have been.
Lincoln was being SUPER silly and was running around laughing and giggling.
Candy with Lincoln
Lincoln being squirmy and silly!

Here is another cute video of us tickling Lincoln and then Lincoln "beating dad up" with the pillows! :) Don't mind my messy house :)

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