Friday, June 17, 2011

Fun Day at the Park

Here are a few misc pictures of parks we have gone to in May 2011. I am short on time but wanted to get these pictures up so sorry the commentary is limited!

Lincoln only has one speed when he is outside - fast!
He LOVES to get chased!!

We found this AWESOME park near our house that has all kinds of toys that the kids can play with, awesome jungle gyms, and a sandbox! And the best part is that it's fenced in so the kiddos can't run away!

There were a lot of nannies here today - I think people probably assumed I was the nanny and not the mom.....oh well!

This was a really cool little slide that the kids could sit on these carts on ride down. Sort of like a (very) miniature roller coaster!
And then when mom gets worn out - we go to the swings!

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